City of Leoti, Kansas


Please fill out and print appropriate forms for your needs and return them to City Hall with applicable fees.



Landlord Property Listing and Agreement

If you are a property owner of multiple properties that you rent or lease please use this form to provide updated information at least once a year (December) or each time you buy or sell a rental unit.


Application For Service

Application for Service Packet:  When moving into a residence in Leoti, needing Water, Sewer and Sanitation Service.  There is a $50.00, non-refundable service activation fee for account activation and setup that must be received prior to furnishing any City provided utility services.  A request for any service shall constitute a request for all available services.  The form was recently revised and condensed into a single page.  The paperless billing and ach sections are not required.  If you are interested in these services please verify your email address is correct and easily legible.  Yard Waste is no longer a separate paid service and you may intermix grass clippings in with your "normal" garbage.

Also see this helpful information.

More information about late payments.